Hola gente , como estamos ?

No teníamos muy claro nuestro siguiente destino , en nuestra mente estaba Nueva Zelanda , pero por temas de presupuesto finalmente encontramos un vuelo barato para Tanzania , y aquí estamos en el norte de Mozambique , un país que visité ya hace unos años , me encantó y  me quedé con ganas de conocer esta parte del Norte

ÁFRICA.…………….ya sabeis que tengo un especial cariño a este continente 🙂

Un mundo totalmente diferente a Iran

Ya en el avión los cabellos se liberan , los velos caen

Iran es sobria , discreta ….África es descarada

Iran es la serenidad ….África es la exuberancia

Iran es Arquitectura…. es la tierra madre , naturaleza , vida salvaje

Iran es reservado ….África es espontánea , natural

Iran es el negro……África es el colorido

Iran es recatado…..África es sensual

Iran es la homogeneidad , la uniformidad….África es la mezcla , la diversidad

Un abrazo fuerte a todos………..




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  1. Carmen says: Reply

    Yo tambièn me siento màs identificada con Àfrica! Serà por nuestros antecesos……?
    Me parece que el destino os lo tenìa ya programdo.Quien sabe.La tierra ya ves que ha vuelto a dejarse notar en Nueva Zelanda. Cada uno està en el momento y lugar que le corresponde. Todo està calculado por la ley universal.
    Que disfruteis de vuestro nuevo aterrizaje y en esas vivaces tierras.Os seguiremos en el blog.Bs

  2. roland says: Reply

    Enjoy Mozambique and don’t get too close to exploding gasoline trucks 😉 Heard about that few days ago on TV.
    I started to study about Iran trip in April or October next year. The more information I get the more excited I get about this idea. Found a gorgeous German photo book from 2016 of Iran. Great photos of main places but also about nice mountain places like Palangan and so on. Here is raining and soooo grey ! Lots of time to do travel planning and do some work on Morocco photos. Hugs Roland
    P.S. Waiting for Mozambique photos !!!!

    1. Ana Ninou says: Reply

      I didn’t hear the news , so i dont know about..we just know that they found some petrol and gas in this country and that always has consequences in this kind of countries , conflicts….but in this area everything is quiet….Great! im happy that you are thinking about Iran , is still a very good moment and whatever you need i will help you…Homestay is good website in some places ….they dont have air bnb and in Iran the main problem is that is not so easy once you are there to book hotels and flights by internet , everything is in farsi , but the people of the houses helped us always and there are always travel agencies over there, and our european credit and debit cards doesn’t work , just cash…
      All the Iranian people we met they told us, “you have to say to your people that our country is safe so they will come “….so im happy if i convince one….hihi
      Here is sooooo hot , at 9 is already burning……Here you have our first photos of Mozambique…I will wait also your photos one of this days 🙂 kissssssssssssss Rolland…..

  3. rolllllllland says: Reply

    Hi Ana,
    looking at your photos I can really feel the heat of Mozambique ! Must be a good place to relax but I guess you will need some days to get used to the heat (day and night) and different “doing almost nothing – lifestyle”. Maybe difficult to make photos during daytime in the harsh sunlight and also of dark coloured people. Problems with the strong contrast needs a lot of Photoshop at home. The weatherreport for Pemba says 27 degree in the water. Is there any diving / snorkelling possible or is it mangrove coast ? I think in this hot climate it is good to be near / in the water. Just have to be careful not to get totally burned after been covered for such a long time in Iran. I would enjoy to have some of the mangoes !!!
    About Iran and questions we can wait until you are back at home. Until April or October 2017 it is still a lot of time. Right now I just try to decide in general if I go or not. I will start the more detailled planning next year. My Morocco photos will need some time, office work and so on, you understand 🙂 Usually I wait some weeks before I start working on my photos to get some distance. If I look at my photos right after my holiday I am often disappointed because in my mind everything is still alive and photos are by far not as good as my memories. Hugs Roland

    1. Ana Ninou says: Reply

      We were reading your message and you are totally right with everything you say…seems that you are here describing the hot weather, the problems with the portraits…..Here we have some spots for snorkelling but not to dive is not so developed area……In Ibo we dont have beach but in the island we have been this days it was an authentic paradise , difficult to leave 🙂
      Of course any information you need about Iran if you decide to go here im……Big hug Rolland

  4. Elvira says: Reply

    Como siempre, fotos coloristas. Yo creía que estabais en Tanzania pero veo que estáis en Mozambique. Lo interesante es que siempre encontréis gente maja con la que compartir experiencias. Maravilloso. Besazos

    1. Ana Ninou says: Reply

      No estabas equivocada del todo tía , es que el vuelo desde Iran fue a Tanzania , pero este país solo era de paso , luego nos fuimos al Norte de Mozambique y en un par de días volvemos a Tanzania para cruzar a Uganda…A ver si llamo a mis padres mañana que igual tengo más a mano wifi que por aquí….os mando un beso grande a toda la familia !

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